Interactive hybrid teaching and learning settings: challenges and strategies

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Kursnr. F242042
Beginn 13.09.2024, 09:00 Uhr
Dauer 5 AE
Kursort Leibnizstr. 1, IT-Raum 8
Teilnehmende 10 - 16


This hybrid workshop offers an opportunity to explore the challenges and opportunities of designing effective hybrid learning environments. Through hands-on activities, we will examine the organisational, technical and pedagogical considerations necessary to facilitate engaging and interactive learning experiences in hybrid settings.

Particular attention will be paid to the implementation of activating and communication-promoting elements, such as discussions and group work, and how these can be adapted to meet the needs of diverse learners in hybrid contexts. The workshop will take place in a hybrid format, allowing participants to experience first hand the benefits and challenges of this approach.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have gained a deeper understanding of the key principles and considerations for designing effective hybrid learning experiences, as well as practical strategies for implementation in their own teaching and learning contexts.

The workshop itself is hybrid:

For CAU-members the workshop will be held in presence in LS.1 R.8, all others (including the external lecturers) will participate via Zoom.

Learning targets:

The participants are able to...

       Recognise and articulate the challenges associated with hybrid teaching,

       Familiarise and assess the technical and organisational aspects of hybrid settings,

       Choose and adapt appropriate teaching methods suitable for online and on site students.


Target group:

Scientists and teaching staff

Organisational details:

  • When you register as a mandatory participant, please note that attending the training is part of your official duties and an unexcused absence is a violation of your official responsibilities. Any further education undertaken during your working hours is subject to the prior approval of your manager.
  • Access information to the course will be announced via e-mail.
  • CAU-Certificates Certificate in Higher Education Didactics, Digital and innovative teaching, Digitalisation
  • Fee: 250,00 €. Free for employees of CAU or SEA-EU Universities and PhD students who are registered within the Graduiertenzentrum.
  • Deadline for registration: 11 days before the date of the course